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Jessica Gordon Nembhard speaks on Black Co-op Pioneers in the Struggle for Economic Justice

Jessica Gordon Nembhard

Cross posted from Jessica Gordon Nembhard gives a Februrary, 2011, talk at Arizona State University on based on research for her upcoming book “Cooperative Courage: a History of African American Cooperative Thought and Practice.” [scribd id=160757478 key=key-16gsqw7m8reko4ecrxf6 mode=slideshow]

Strengthening African American communities through cooperative enterprises

At last year’s CoopEcon gathering, Jessica Gordon Nembhard offered a keynote address on the history of cooperatives within marginalized African American communities. Below are some links to papers she’s written on this subject. From “African American Cooperatives”: African Americans, as well as other people of color and low-income people, have benefitted greatly from cooperative ownership […]